What is an Orifice Meter? An orifice meter is a conduit and a restriction to create a pressure drop. An hour glass is a form of orifice. A nozzle, venturi or thin sharp edged orifice can be used as the flow restriction. In order to use any of these devices for measurement it is necessary to empirically calibrate them. That is, pass a known volume through the meter and note the reading in order to provide a standard for measuring other quantities. Due to the ease of duplicating and the simple construction, the thin sharp edged orifice has been adopted as a standard and extensive calibration work has been done so that it is widely accepted as a standard means of measuring fluids. Provided the standard mechanics of construction are followed no further calibration is required. An orifice in a pipeline is shown in figure 1 with a manometer for measuring the drop in pressure (differential) as the fluid passes thru the orifice. The minimum cross sectional area of the jet is known as the “vena contracta.” DANIEL-MEASUREMENT-2010-Fundamentals-of-Orifice-Meter-Measurement.pdf

DANIEL MEASUREMENT (2010) Fundamentals of Orifice Meter Measurement
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