The potential for damage due to corrosion is an important concern in the design of instrumentation for most process control systems. Rosemount pressure transmitters are available with several choices of materials of construction that can be expected to perform well in a wide range of applications. This technical data sheet briefly discusses some of the reasons why incompatibilities occur and the problems that can result. References are given to assist the user in making the appropriate material choices for an application. The information presented here is intended only as a guide to the selection of material options. Any material will behave differently under the influence of such variables as temperature, pressure, flow rate, abrasives, and contaminants. All of the components of a process fluid should be considered when selecting materials. Fluids of a homogeneous chemical composition may react differently with a material than fluids of a heterogeneous composition. Additionally, even the presence of trace amounts of a chemical will impact material selection. It is the user’s responsibility to make a careful analysis of all process parameters when specifying materials. Emerson Process Management cannot guarantee that a material is suited to a particular application under all possible process conditions.

pdf icon Rosemount-2015-Material-Selection-and-Compatibility-Considerations-for-Rosemount-Pressure-Transmitters-.pdf

Rosemount (2015) Material Selection and Compatibility Considerations for Rosemount Pressure Transmitters
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