This is a HAZOP Training video to introduce the concept of Hazard and Operability Study.

The first in a series of Icarus-ORM Process Hazard Analysis crash courses.

‘What is a HAZOP?’ is an introductory course about the basics of a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study.

The course outlines:

How to define and manage risk for you and your company
The key contributors and their roles in a HAZOP study
When risk is not acceptable and further action is required
A systematic decision process is broken down into 6 steps with a guided example to further your understanding.

This course summarizes how to focus on the crucial elements on a process to achieve rational and high quality decisions from a plethora of opinions and experiences.

This is the course for you!

Icarus ORM Academy (2015) What is HAZOP? A Crash Course
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