ABB PGC2000 Manual

The Process Gas Chromatograph ABB PGC2000 separates and measures the individual components of gas or liquid samples. It automatically samples and analyzes process streams, using the analyzer’s Gas Chormatograph Controller (GCC) to control analytical functions.

The analyzer may be mounted on a wall, a rack , or a floor stand. It includes an sinsulated, air-heated Oven Compartment, a Gas Chromatograph Controller, a purge air panel, and a pressure control panel. The Oven Compartment houses an isothermal oven which contains the analytical columns, the detectors and the sample valves.


The ABB Gas Chromatograph Controller (GCC) contains the card cage with PCBs, the Temperature Controller and one or more of the following detector amplifiers:

  1. Flame ionization (FID)
  2. Thermal conductivity (TCD)
  3. Flame Photometric (FPD)

The front panel has a liquid crystal display (LCD), keyboard and controller board. The FPD assembly itself is located in a special cabinet mounted on the left side of the analyzer.


ABB (2006) Operation and Service Manual Process Gas Chromatograph PGC2000
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