ABB’s award winning System 800xA provides you with a better way to achieve measurable productivity and profitability improvements. System 800xA extends the scope of traditional DCS systems to include all automation functions in a single operations and engineering environment; enabling your plants to perform smarter and better at substantial cost savings. System 800xA delivers extended productivity gains by: −− Reducing time to decision and action −− Engineering for maximum performance −− Reducing risk through high integrity automation −− Integrating information for improved visibility −− Improving batch production profitability, consistency, and traceability −− Optimizing plant asset availability and performance −− Delivering Control and I/O to meet automation and safety needs −− Extending installed system capabilities through seamless evolution Embracing the principles of open, real-time networking, System 800xA provides a scalable solution that spans and integrates loop, unit, area, plant, and inter plant controls. From providing a secure foundation with robust, but flexible, base level regulatory and sequence control to higher level management and advanced control functions that include safety controls,batch management, maintenance management, information management, and network management solutions, System 800xA meets the application needs of a wide variety of industries. System 800xA provides you with a secure, reliable control environment with minimum effort through built-in security features such as access control, user authentication, and audit trail capability. ABB enhances secure system operations by actively participating on security standards committees, conducting threat-modeling studies, and incorporating “safe design” practices into product development. Based upon the Aspect Object technology and a common set of hardware, System 800xA seamlessly integrates traditionally isolated DCS and Safety systems. SIS realization is achieved by either utilizing individual controllers or through dedicated applications within the same controller. With this embedded control and safety architecture, System 800xA reduces costs significantly; achieving the objectives of both systems – maximum plant availability at minimum risk. ​


ABB (2013) System 800xA Product Catalog
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