Nearly two-thirds of all temperature measurement in the US makes use of the thermocouple in some form. Likewise, most industrial applications remotely sense temperature using thermocouples, and optionally transmit the thermocouple signal some distance using industrial transmitters for the purpose of monitoring and controlling a process. An industrial transmitter is commonly used to amplify, isolate, and convert the low-level thermocouple signal to some other signal suitable for monitoring or retransmission. Unfortunately, the interface between these sensors and their mating instruments is widely misunderstood and this leads to system error. With a little understanding of thermocouples and how they work, these errors could be avoided. This paper will focus on the connectivity aspects of thermocouples and temperature transmitters, but can be extended to include any thermocouple instruments. ​

pdf icon Acromag-2015-How-to-Prevent-Temperature-Measurement-Errors-When-Installing-Thermocouple-Sensors-and-Transmitters.pdf

Acromag (2015) How to Prevent Temperature Measurement Errors When Installing Thermocouple Sensors and Transmitters
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