HIMA (2006) SIL Assessments Identification of Safety Instrumented Functions

Since its release as an Australian standard in July of 2004, AS61511 is rapidly being accepted and applied on Safety Instrumented Systems throughout the process industry. AS61511 is a performance based standard with a risk-based approach to safety. Performance based

SETRA SYSTEMS (2015) How to Select the best Pressure transducer for industrial applications

How to Select the best Pressure transducer for industrial applications Today’s technologically advanced pressure transducers are more accurate, reliable and rugged than ever before. They are ideal for long-term use even in harsh environments of extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp (2009) Industrial Fieldbus Technologies Understanding the basics and simplifying your decision

Making a decision on which fieldbus technology to implement on industrial automation applications is getting more complicated. During early stages of the design, engineers must choose “Which fieldbus is the right choice for this application”. Properly answering this question ensures

METTLER TOLEDO (2012) Best Practice Guide to Process Analytics in the Chemical Industry

​This booklet contains a collection of success stories from a few of our many chemical and petrochemical customers. It highlights different analytical measurement challenges they faced, and how METTLER TOLEDO solutions provided the answer.​ METTLER-TOLEDO-2012-Best-Practice-Guide-to-Process-Analytics-in-the-Chemical-Industry.pdf

KEITHLEY (2007) How to Select the Right Temperature Sensor

The most widely measured physical parameter is temperature. Whether in process industry applications or in laboratory settings, accurate temperature measurements are a critical part of success. Accurate temperature measurements are needed in medical applications, materials research in labs, electrical/electronic component

Acromag (2011) Criteria for Temperature Sensor Selections of TC and RTD sensor types

Temperature reigns as the most often measured process parameter in industry. While temperature measurement utilizes sensors of many forms, the actual measurement of temperature is accomplished via only five basic sensor types: Thermocouple (T/C), Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), Thermistor, Infrared Detector, and