MAVERICK Technologies (2017) Upgrading Your DCS – Why You May Need to Do It Sooner Than You Think

Process plant operators looking at their existing automation systems are facing pressures from two directions. First, the distributed control system (DCS) platforms controlling those units are getting older and exhibiting age-related problems and failures. Second, newer technologies are capable of

SIEMENS (2008) Alarm Management

  While checking the alarm systems of crude oil extraction andproduction facilities along the Norwegian continental shelf, theNorwegian Petroleum Directorate found substantial inadequaciesin certain areas. As a consequence, the authority issued a correspondingbody of rules for the design of alarm

B&R Industrial Automation Corp (2009) Industrial Fieldbus Technologies Understanding the basics and simplifying your decision

Making a decision on which fieldbus technology to implement on industrial automation applications is getting more complicated. During early stages of the design, engineers must choose “Which fieldbus is the right choice for this application”. Properly answering this question ensures

MAVERICK Technologies (2012) Avoid the Pitfalls of DCS Migration with Front-End Loading’s.the.reason.operators.know.the.state.of.the.plant.and.the.process.. Like.the.body’s.nervous.system,.a.plant’, In.this.second.of.four.white.papers,.we’,.the.,.Illinois,—.and.,. Some.process.plants.have.done.partial.DCS.upgrades,.but.others.—.maybe.even.yours.—.are.still. it,, Worse.yet,.your.control.system.wasn’—.it.was.created. specifically.for.the.plant.that.was.built.long.ago..Think.of.all.the.changes.that.have.been.made. in.that.time,,’ve. made.—— operator-friendly.workplace? the.future? How.does.the.DCS’’ existing.DCS.without.much.blood,.sweat,.tears.and.cursing? available.anymore?,’s.a.monumental.decision.—,.or.did.the.most. recent.upgrade..It’s.the.easiest.option.— your.plant, MAVERICK Technologies (2012) Avoid the