EMERSON (2015) Flow – DP Flow Introduction

This handbook is intended to help engineers and process technicians bring all the elements of DP Flow together in a comprehensive reference.

The book will present enough theory and technical background to provide a solid context for engineering, procurement, and configuration of DP Flow technologies.

This includes the following:

  1. The necessary equations and calculations commonly needed for developing DP Flow systems
  2. A full discussion of components commonly found in DP Flow systems in gas, liquid, and steam applications
  3. Discussions of DP Flow instrumentation technologies found in primary elements and transmitters
  4. Common uses including the challenges and points to consider with specific applications
  5. Installation guidelines
  6. Maintenance and calibration procedures

This book focuses on practical engineering problems and challenges. That said, the elements of theory found here are crucial to the successful engineering of most DP Flow solutions.


EMERSON (2015) Flow – DP Flow Introduction
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