Alarm management is often held as synonymous with software, and software tools play
a crucial part in driving safety and plant efficiency. This paper, however, proposes a
holistic approach to best realize the benefits these tools can bring. It outlines a model,
based on five fundamental phases, to implement an effective alarm management
strategy. This model captures knowledge and best practice, and leverages technology
and standards through an effective framework for delivering business goals. The model
ensures that these goals drive alarm management, and prevent the strategy from
being limited by the capabilities or scope of the tools employed in delivering it.
Every plant has unique requirements. The paper does not, therefore, seek to prescribe
the strategy in detail. However, the model presented is widely applicable. It is flexible
enough to be used by any plant, no matter what their current level of alarm
management maturity. It is also flexible enough to be scalable and can be
implemented in stages to move plants from reactive alarm management to a proactive
system driving continuous improvement in the operation.

HONEYWELL (2013) A Guide to Effective Alarm Management

HONEYWELL (2013) A Guide to Effective Alarm Management
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