One crucial area that every plant can improve on is efficiency, and one of the best measures of efficiency is OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). If you don’t know your OEE, then you don’t truly know how efficient you are. More importantly, you don’t know how efficient you could be. There is a lot that goes on at a manufacturing plant every day. Employees come in and out and work on the plant floor, machines need to be maintained, and production quotas need to be met. With so much happening all the time, it can be hard to see how things are all working together. More specifically, it can be very difficult to determine if everything is working together efficiently, and what can be improved to increase the plant’s overall productivity. There is so much data to consider when trying to determine a plant’s efficiency; it can be a daunting task. This is where OEE can help. OEE, the overall equipment effectiveness, is a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing processes (i.e. machines, cells, assembly lines, processes, etc.). OEE is a simple and powerful metric for tracking and improving a plant’s efficiency.


Inductive Automation (2011) How to Reduce Downtime and Raise OEE
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