This paper discusses the basics of uncertainty in measurement
and calibration. It is not made for mathematicians or metrology
experts, but rather for those of you who are planning and
making practical measurements and calibrations in industrial
Being aware of the uncertainty related to the measurement
is a very fundamental concept. You should not really make
any measurements unless you are aware of the related
uncertainty. Generally speaking, it seems that the awareness
and interest of uncertainty is growing, which is great.
The uncertainty of measurements can come from various
sources, such as the reference measurement device used for
making the measurement, from environmental conditions,
from the operator making the measurements, and from many
others sources.
There are several calibration uncertainty guides, standards
and resources available, mostly full of mathematical formulas,
so in this article I will try to keep the mathematic formulas to
a minimum.
This is a practical guide to gain some general understanding
in the great world of uncertainty in measurements and

BEAMEX (2016) Calibration uncertainty for non-mathematicians

BEAMEX (2016) Calibration uncertainty for non-mathematicians
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