MOXA (2007) Industrial Wireless Guidebook
MOXA (2007) Industrial Wireless Guidebook

The latest development in industrial device networking is the adoption of wireless technology for industrial
applications. This is a very exciting development with potentially enormous benefits for system integrators
and end users. However, many users may have questions about the different technologies that are available
and how best to adapt them to specific applications. Other users may wish to gain a basic understanding of
wireless technologies and applications but not know where to begin.
The Industrial Wireless Guidebook was conceived as a helpful introduction to the wireless technologies now
being used for industrial applications. Readers can learn basic terminology, the strengths and weaknesses of
various wireless technologies, and how to decide on a wireless solution for a specific application. Detailed
examples are provided to show how wireless technology is being used in different industries, and can serve as
a starting point in developing your own project.
Having been in the business for over twenty years, Moxa has been both a witness and participant to many
developments in device networking technology. As new standards, interfaces, and protocols appear, we have
kept pace and developed products that help integrate different technologies into one system. We hope you
find the Industrial Wireless Guidebook to be a useful resource and look forward to assisting you with any of
your device networking needs.

MOXA (2007) Industrial Wireless Guidebook

MOXA (2007) Industrial Wireless Guidebook

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