OPC technology provides an interoperable, reliable and secure communication platform. However, OPC relies on a well-configured DCOM infrastructure. This includes setting Windows security and firewalls, access control lists, server identities, etc. Consequently, OPC may not always work as expected and the initial troubleshooting can be difficult because each problem masks itself with a variety of symptoms. This whitepaper discusses the 5 most common problems, their causes, and how to resolve them. A well structured approach can quickly solve the following 5 common problems: 1. Can’t browse OPC servers on remote PC 2. Can’t connect to OPC Server on remote PC 3. All items show Bad Quality 4. OPC Client doesn’t receive data updates 5. PC with OPC Server has high CPU Usage After identifying the specific problem you are having, this whitepaper describes their typical causes, and the required steps to solve them.


OPC Training Institute (2008) OPC & DCOM Troubleshooting: Quick Start Guide
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