Where would we be without wireless communication? Cellphones, computers, remote
controls, garage door openers, and GPS units are everywhere in consumer applications.
As these technologies have improved, they have started to make their way into industrial applications.
WirelessHART, for example, combines HART and radio technology, which provides wireless capabilities to the
HART protocol. But the requirements and boundary conditions in the industrial world are different from those
in the consumer world. Industrial applications follow a different set of rules: they require higher quality
products and increased technical support.
To set up a reliable industrial wireless system, it’s important to have a good understanding of several topics:
Wireless communication basics
Modern wireless technologies
Protocol standards, the advantages and disadvantages
Requirements in industrial applications
Without a basic knowledge of these topics, setting up an industrial wireless system can be difficult, and debugging
a wireless system that’s not working will be more luck than know-how. Therefore, it is very important to understand
the basic principles.
This technology guide includes information that will be useful when setting up and debugging a wireless system in
an industrial application.


PEPPERL+FUCHS (2008) Wireless Technology Guide

PEPPERL+FUCHS (2008) Wireless Technology Guide
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