Perkin Elmer
Perkin Elmer

In 2005, PerkinElmer celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Model 154 Vapor Fractometer, the first gas chromatograph (GC) developed by The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. This instrument heralded the era of this versatile technique, which changed the way chemical analysis is carried out. It also represented the first truly automated, complex analytical instrument that did not need specially skilled scientists for its operation and could be used by practically every laboratory.

The Model 154 represented the first in a series of gas chromatographs, descendants of which are still manufactured by the Life & Analytical Sciences division of PerkinElmer. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to review the evolution of gas chromatographic instrumentation at PerkinElmer.


PerkinElmer (2005) The Evolution of Gas Chromatography Evolution

PerkinElmer (2005) The Evolution of Gas Chromatography
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