The S5-115H is a fault tolerant programmable controller for the lower and mid performance ranges. It is at home wherever process downtimes must be avoided. The S5-115H is always put into service when • the probability of a controller failure must be reduced to an ablolute minimum • expensive raw materials cannot withstand process interruptions • production downtimes cost a great deal of money. Whether in sophisticated chemical processes, in manufacturing or in power supply systems, the high-availability S5-115H can be assembled economically and with little configuring overhead from standard SIMATC S5 components. Servicing, corrective maintenance and repairs can be done during operation because the system is able to tolerate the failure of any redundant module. The S5-115H allows you to utilize the full advantages of the S5-115U-range programmable controllers in high-availability systems. You simply write your process-related control program in the usual way and then enter the configuring data with the COM 115H system software. To put the controller to optimum use, the user requires a certain amount of detailed information. The primary objective of this manual is to provide this information in compact form without overloading the user with superfluous knowledge. This means: • Standardization of terminology • More detailed breakdown of subjects • Illustration of individual problems • User-friendly arrangement of the contents • Numerous examples The idea behind all this has been to make sure you receive all the information you require for working with the S5-115H. The manual is intended for: • Users with little knowledge of the subjects covered • SIMATIC S5 specialists • Configuring engineers • Start-up engineers • Maintenance personnel However, not all problems that might occur in the many and varied applications can be handled in detail in one manual. If you have a problem that is not discussed in the manual, contact your nearest SIEMENS office or representative. You will find a list in the Appendix. SIEMENS-1990-SIMATIC-S5-115H-Programmable-Controller-System-Manual-6ES5998-0UH21_e.pdf

SIEMENS (1990) S5 115H Programmable Controller System Manual