While checking the alarm systems of crude oil extraction and
production facilities along the Norwegian continental shelf, the
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate found substantial inadequacies
in certain areas. As a consequence, the authority issued a corresponding
body of rules for the design of alarm systems in the
branch, which has decisively contributed towards establishing
higher standards: The operators of oil and gas platforms in Norway
are front runners with regard to plant safety. The Oseberg
Field Center, an oil and gas extraction platform about 130 kilometers
northwest of Bergen, also uses a highly effective alarm
management system. At the suggestion of the specialists of the
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the operator StatoilHydro implemented
an exemplary alarm management system in order to
improve the handling of alarms and thus minimize risks.
Reliable risk management is relevant not only in the oil and gas
industry, but generally in process plants in all industries. An efficient
alarm management system makes a decisive contribution in
this respect and also presents economic advantages.


SIEMENS (2008) Alarm Management

SIEMENS (2008) Alarm Management
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