Due to their excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties, the Special Metals nickel-based alloys are used for a broad range of applications in an equally broad range of industries, including chemical and petrochemical processing, pollution control, oil and gas extraction, marine engineering, power generation, and pulp and paper manufacture. The alloys’ versatility and reliability make them the prime materials of choice for construction of process vessels, piping systems, pumps, valves and many other applications designed for service in aqueous and high-temperature environments. Many variables influence the performance of a specific material in a specific environment. These include concentration, temperature, aeration, liquid or gaseous flow rates, impurities, abrasives, and cycling process conditions. While every attempt has been made to present a broad base of information, more detailed data will often be needed for individual applications and environments. The reader is encouraged to contact Special Metals marketing and technical staff for more specific alloy properties and a wealth of experience of applications and alloy service and performance. pdf icon Special-Metals-Corporation-2000-High-Performance-Alloys-for-Resistance-to-Aqueous-Corrosion.pdf

Special Metals Corporation (2000) High-Performance Alloys for Resistance to Aqueous Corrosion
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