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The Tricon is a fault-tolerant controller based on a Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture.

What is Fault-Tolerant Control?

A fault-tolerant control system identifies and compensates for failed control system elements and allows repair while continuing an assigned task without process interruption. A highintegrity control system such as the Tricon is used in critical process applications that require a significant degree of safety and availability.

What is the Tricon?

The Tricon is a state-of-the art controller that provides fault tolerance by means of Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture. TMR integrates three  isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics in one control system. The system uses two-out-ofthree voting to provide high-integrity, error-free,  uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure.

The Tricon controller uses three identical channels. Each channel independently executes the control program in parallel with the other two channels. Specialized hardware/software voting mechanisms qualify and verify all digital inputs and outputs from the field, while analog inputs are subject to a mid-value selection  process.

Because each channel is isolated from the others, no single-point failure in any channel can pass to another. If a hardware failure does occur on one  channel, the other channels override it. Meanwhile the faulting module can easily be removed and replaced while the controller is online without interrupting the process.

Setting up control programs is simplified with the triplicated Tricon system, because it operates as a single control system from the user’s point of view. The user terminates sensors and actuators at a single wiring terminal and programs the Tricon with one set of control program logic. The Tricon controller  manages the rest!

Extensive diagnostics on each channel, module, and functional circuit immediately detect and report operational faults by means of indicators  or alarms.

TRICONEX (2006) Technical Product Guide

TRICONEX (2006) Technical Product Guide