Valtek Valves

The Valtek Sizing & Selection Manual is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow reference guide for determining the proper control valve for a particular application. The material follows the sequential order of the typical Valtek Valves quote sheet.

This introduction discusses general information about control valve sizing. It also outlines the basic control valve parameters which must be known for correct sizing.



A Valtek Valve is a final control element used in instrumentation systems to regulate the flow, pressure or temperature of liquids and gases in process systems.

A control valve is different from other valves in that it has a power positioning actuator for moving the closure mechanism in response to an external signal. The actuator’s energy source is usually provided from an independent source.


Section 1: Valtek Introduction
Section 2: Valtek Models and Specifications
Section 3: The Valtek Control Valve Sizing
Section 3A: Steam Tables

Section 4: Valtek CV Tables
Section 5: ANSI Classes and Body Material Selection
Section 6: Valtek Body Forms
Section 7: Gaskets
Section 8: Trim

Section 9: Valtek Flow Characteristics
Section 10: Valtek Trim Materials
Section 11: Valtek Valves Seats
Section 11A: ANSI Control Valve Seat Leakage
Section 12: Valtek Bonnets

Section 13: Valtek Noise Prediction
Section 14: Severe Service Solutions

Section 15: Valtek Severe Service Data Tables

Section 16: Actuator Size
Section 16A: Allowable Pressure Drop Charts
Section 17: Positioners

Section 18: Handwheels

Section 19: Valtek Accessories

Section 20: Common Conversion Factors
Section 21: Valve Dimmensions

Section 23: Glossary
Section 24: Hazardous Location Certification For Electrical Equipment



VALTEK (1995) Control Valve Sizing and Selection Manual
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