VPG Transducers (2016) Load Cell Technology

The heart of any weighing system is the load cell.While they are not exciting to watch, load cells are highly accurate transducers which provides the user with information not generally obtainable by other technology due to commercial factors.

Load cells are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of adverse conditions; they are not only the most essential part of an electronic weighing system, but also the most vulnerable. In order to get the most benefit from the load cell, the user must have a thorough understanding of the technology,construction and operation of this unique device.In addition, it is imperative that the user selects the correct load cell for the application and provide the necessary care for the load cell during its lifetime.Understanding these important issues and properly maintaining the load cells will ensure trouble free weighing for a long period of time.

Load cells may be damaged because of (shock) overloading, lightning strikes or heavy surges in current, chemical or moisture ingress, mishandling (dropping, lifting on cable, etc.), vibration, seismic events or internal component malfunctioning. This article will focus on the Do’s and Don’ts for load cells as well as on basic system design.

VPG Transducers (2016) Load Cell Technology

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