Successful industrial product sales requires strong technical and application knowledge of the equipment involved as well as a comprehensive understating of the market ‘s competitive elements, such as features, benefits and pricing. This handbook has been designed as an ongoing sales tool, which will be updated and amended on a regular basis to help keep the sales force abreast of new market developments based on process/application improvement as well as new product developments.

Oxygen concentration measurements are used in a variety of applications including, energy conservation, pollution reduction and process quality control and accomplished using several different measurement principals. Even Governmental regulations to control CO2 and NOx emissions, affect even small municipal, private and commercial utility boilers and furnaces as they must be controlled or at least tested on a regular basis. However, Zirconia-based Oxygen Analyzers are most commonly used for combustion control, burner optimization and to increase the efficiency of boilers and industrial heaters to achieve fuel conservation. Major end-users are found in the following industrial fields:

    Electrical Power Generation
    Chemical and Petrochemical
    Iron and Steel Manufacturing
    Petroleum Refinery
    Pulp & Paper

There are still countries where extractive oxygen analyzer systems are in use for combustion control (paramagnetic, TDLS, thermo-magnetic, polarographic, electrochemical, fuel-cell). These offer an excellent sales opportunity since the advantages and benefits of zirconia analyzers over extractive methods are easily demonstrated. The following are some of the benefits and features of the Yokogawa Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers:

    Compact design for flexible low-cost installation
    Long-life sensor
    Reduced maintenance and calibration using self-diagnostics
    Excellent price/ performance correlation

Yokogawa’s Zirconia Oxygen analyzer can also be used to measure humidity in specific applications. This is a benefit because most humidity analyzers are normally designed for ambient temperatures and not suitable for the high temperatures that we find in bakery ovens, Pizza ovens, Paper driers or Plywood driers. The zirconia high temperature analyzer is designed to measure oxygen concentrations in the air and calculate the moisture content; a type of humidity measurement that is more commonly referred to as Absolute Humidity. It is important to note that moisture content in anything other than air, i.e. combustion exhaust gas, cannot be measured.However, no matter the desired measurement some common difficulties that you will face are:

    A variety of established competitors
    Conservative end-users who are reluctant to switch from one supplier to another
    A growing number of government regulations


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