All modern process control systems provide alarm systems to assist process operators in managing abnormal situations. Nevertheless,
the integrity and effectiveness of alarm systems can either provide assistance or be a hindrance to the process operators in responding
to these situations. Through the efforts of the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium, EEMUA, and other professional groups, a
large amount of best practice information exists to aid the control system engineer in designing effective alarm systems. However, due
to various reasons, most existing control systems must be redesigned/re-engineered in order to take advantage of these newer system
capabilities and best practices. The re-design/re-engineering of alarm systems in these control systems is a responsible first step in
responding to the increasing frequency of industrial incidents and to begin to address the billions of dollars that these incidents cost
manufacturers annually. By any comparison, the re-design/re-engineering efforts are well worth the investment. This white paper
presents a new alarm philosophy and approach to achieve these objectives.


INVENSYS (2010) Why Alarm Management Is Required In Modern Plants

INVENSYS (2010) Why Alarm Management Is Required In Modern Plants
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