YOKOGAWA (2019) Flow eBook Chapters 1 and 2
YOKOGAWA (2019) Flow eBook Chapters 1 and 2

The aim of a flow meter is to perform a measurement that helps us find
the right answer to questions such as: how many liters of flow do we
have currently or how many liters have we used so far? Flow meters are
used in a great variety of areas. For instance, flow meters are important
in terminating the supply of fuel once you have 10 liters of gasoline, or
administering only 500cc of medicine to a hospital patient. The main role of
flow meters in the Factory Automation field is to manage the flow of “fluid”.
This e-book allows you to get an overview of flow meter technologies
which are common in industrial process control. These are flow meters to
measure the fluid flow in closed piping. The array is big and until today
the task to select a suitable flow meter is not covered by software online
or by the use of AI. Most available selection tools focus on the selection
of the correct size of a particular flow meter or are comparisons of one
manufacturers portfolio based on very limited criteria.
Some engineering knowledge and the understanding of the processes
is necessary to choose a good flow meter. This e-book focuses on
the basic relations of flow dynamics, flow meter technology and the
purpose of the actual application. Installation is a topic which should
not be underestimated, because there is a significant influence on the
measurement. This handbook guides you through the different topics and
explains the different steps and tools available to choose the best flow
meter for the application.

YOKOGAWA (2019) Flow eBook Chapters 1 and 2
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