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On our site you will be able to find interesting articles related to the world of industrial instrumentation and powerful and intuitive calculators to perform usual tasks within the instrumentation engineer's profession.


We love to write interesting technical articles to support young engineers in their learning. In our articles pages you will find the answers you are looking for regarding common instrumentation topics.


We have developed a set of tools that will allow you to perform usual calculations in an easy and intuitive way. They are tools built by engineers for engineers.


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Technical Articles

For your convenience we have created a document in PDF format of each article ready to download.

What is the Difference Between Absolute, Gauge and Differential Pressure?

When we begin to work in the world of instrumentation engineering, it is very common to confuse the concepts of absolute, relative and differential pressure. This article aims to help in the learning process of these fundamental concepts.

Do you know which is the best way to Install an Orifice Plate Flowmeter?

In this article you will find the basic rules for installing an Orifice Plate for flow measurement. In addition to the diameter, materials and other concepts it is necessary to correctly install the plate within the process so that the measurement is as reliable as possible.

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Industrial Calculators

In this section you will find a small representation of our industrial calculators. All calculations made with our industrial calculators allow you to download the results in a spreadsheet in XLS format.

Do you need to Calculate a Restriction Orifice?

In the process industry it is usual to use restriction orifice to limit the flow that flows through the pipe. With this industrial calculator you can calculate the design of your restriction orifice based on the flow, pressure and diameter.

Do you need to check your Flowmeter Orifice Plate Calculation?

During your professional career more than once you must recalculate a Orifice Plate . Many times because you will not have the original calculation and other times because the process conditions have changed. With this indutsrial calculator you can do the calculations based on the ISO 5167 standard.

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