Molecular Weigth of Common Gases

Molecular weight of common gases including air, steam, natural gas.

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Fluid Chemical Formula Molar Mass
Acetone C3H6O 58.08
Acetylene C2H2 26.04
Air 78% N2 21% O2 1% Ar 28.97
Ammonia NH3 17.03
Argon Ar 39.95
Arsine AsH3 77.945
Benzene C6H6 78.11
Bio Gas 35% CO2 65% CH4 25.83
Bromine Br2 159.808
Butane C4H10 58.12
Butanol C₄H₁₀O 72.15
Butylene C4H8 56.11
Carbon Dioxide CO2 44.01
Carbon Disulfide CS2 76.143
Carbon Monoxide CO 28.01
Carbon Tetrachloride CCl4 153.822
Chlorine Cl2 70.91
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 67.452
Chloroform CHCl3 119.38
Chloromethane CH3Cl 50.49
Dichloroethane 1 2 DCE EDC C2H4Cl2 98.96
Diethyl Ether (C2H5)2O 74.12
Dimethyl Sulfide (CH3)S 62.136
Ethane C2H6 30.07
Ethanol C2H5OH 46.07
Ethyle Chloride C2H5Cl 64.52
Ethylene C2H4 28.05
Ethylene oxide H2COCH2 44.053
Formaldehyde HCHO 30.026
Helium He 4
Heptane C7H16 100.2
Hexane C6H14 86.18
Hydrazine H2NNH2 32.045
Hydrogen H2 2.02
Hydrogen bromide HBr 80.912
Hydrogen chloride HCl 36.461
Hydrogen cyanide HCN 27.026
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 34.015
Hydrogen sulfide H2S 34.082
Krypton Kr 83.798
Mercury Hg 200.59
Methane CH4 16.04
Methanol CH3OH 32.04
Methyl mercaptan CH3SH 48.109
Monomethyl hydrazine CH3NHNH2 46.072
Natural Gas
Neon Ne 201.797
Nitric oxide NO 30.006
Nitrogen N2 28.01
Nitrogen dioxide NO2 46.006
Nitrogen tetroxide N2O4 92.011
Nitrous oxide N2O 44
Octane C8H18 114.2
Oxygen O2 32
Ozone O3 47.998
Pentane C5H12 72.15
Peracetic acid CH3COOOH 76.051
Phosphine PH3 33.998
Propane C3H8 44.1
Propylene C3H6 42.08
Propylene oxide CH3CHOCH2 58.08
R-11 CCl3F 137.37
R-114 C2Cl2F4 170.93
R-12 CCl2F2 120.92
R-123 C2HCl2F3 152.93
R-134a CH2FCF3 102.03
R-22 CHClF2 86.48
Silane SiH4 32.117
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 64.06
Sulfuryl fluoride SO2F2 102.062
Toulene C7H8 92.141
Vinyl Chloride C2H3Cl 62.498
Water vapor H2O 18.02
Xeon Xe 131.3
Fluid Chemical Formula Molar Mass

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This table represents the Molecular Weigth of Common Gases and their Formula.

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